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Character Bio - Leo by Leonidash15 Character Bio - Leo by Leonidash15
:note: If you wish to know Leo's relationship with the other party members! Please check the Characters Relationship chart

The rest of the main Cast
Leo: You are here :note:
Lexo: [link]
Borg: [link]
Era: [link]
Gustav: [link]
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A proper reference sheet the character who represents me in my comics and stories!

“What Kind of person make reference sheet for his own persona?”
... almost EVERYONE?
and the kind of person who USE his Persona to Interact with his OTHER characters maybe? >_>
Leo is a character who had been serving me since... well forever actually! :hmm:


OK! Not like “Forever-Forever”! From like... 2009 :shifty:
Now that my Art style improved to a passable level I had to Improve him as well!
Keep in mind I see my comics more like VIDEOGAMES and less as Comic/Manga

My main target is to make a likeable RPG persona of my self! Influenced from favorite MMOs and JRPGs of mine! (Minus the MORON Hero and the Chosen One Bullshit) He begins like a normal common swordsman and he has to climb his way until the succeed GLORY! To do that so, he must train, travel, make relationships e.t.c

Theme is my character lives a Alice Allusion , in a scenario influenced by games like TALES OF and ETERNAL SONATA (ESPECIALLY the whole Adventures In Coma/Dream Land thing) Usually a Fantasy setting where both Magic and Streampunk Technology exists! (Casual comics who take place in real words, are more like Comedy or Drama focus and less fantasy! They also work as Background stages)

Since the Main protagonists in those games are either 1 Battle Type only or TOTALLY broken from the VERY beginning of the game! I decided to scale my Persona's stats not only from the GEAR, but from the SOCIAL LINKS as well (Strong Persona 4 influenced here, I like that system since it help to the characters development)

He doesn't start powerful and neither loveable with ALL the member in the team (Except of the friend relationships with Borg & Era which is still not fully Leveled)
He has to earn their respect, he has to climb a lot of stairs until then! But for now most of them respect him, other ignore him, and other mock him!
He also became a character who DOES things I would do, but also DOES things I WOULD NEVER dare! So in progress he became both my persona and a stand alone character whose job is to Interact so he can reveal the Other's characters backstory! A Story Device! BUT Not as the bloody Moron Protagonist, you see in most game, who doesn't even know that Earth is round! I hate that stereotype I know they do it some people can relate with the unknown universe BUT FOR PETE'S SAKE I CAN'T STAND IDIOT PROTAGONISTS! :iconvoodooplz:
Leo is a Story Telling Device He knows what goes comes around the most of the time so he won't ask stupid questions who would make the player/read Facepalm
Magic Knight in TALES OF can use Sword skills, Offensive Elemental spells and HEALS! (Like the tradition Paladins, only with the combo of Offense, Defense and Support)
Main RPG Outfit: After scrapped that useless piece of thin metal I used to draw my persona at the very beginning, I did a few changes to the Armor I drew here I am pretty satisfied with this for now!

High Tier Armor: A little bit of Paladin, a little bit of Mage! Something that would do from a Magic Knight!
Also Torn cape slices coming from the Shoulder pads (BIG influence from CO Roin'esh costume pieces, I love that pack)

Casual/Non-RPG clothing: I own those clothes, I tried to Imitate my usual style
I have to point out that I always draw my persona with different clothes those are just my favorites (I love the Shirt with the collar) if I remember I drew those here
I blame my sister for making me like Hipster clothes
You know, seeing my persona with Glasses and those clothes being Plumpy and stuff, kind of reminds me a certain adorable anthropomorphic Tanuki from a certain game … :paranoid:

Swimsuit: for the records like the casual clothes, I OWN that style of Swimsuit!
Also I want to point out that I am kind of Bulky and Chubby in real life!
I want to draw my persona as CLOSE as possible to me (Neither Muscular neither Bishie)
Now my Body Anatomy must be around Hot Blooded Shonen and Plumpy Bara in manga terms...:iconlaughingplz:
My Hair are fluffy and go backwards, thanks to the continuous struggle to make my hair look like Elvis' hairstyle since I was kid (it came out look more Anime-ish) :paranoid:
But usually they get like that after sleeping, No Hairgel and other hair products (I hate those)

Removed the Family pattern from this because... HE IS ME! I won't reveal the names in my family (some of them cannot even be found in English dictionaries) I have 2 Older Sisters, that's the only thing you need to know!

1 Thing my persona doesn't have but I do and hate is BODY HAIR! You will never see me drawing body hair (hate hate hate)
My Battle Style would be so totally like Flynn's
Humans are boring to draw >_>

Those Animal strips brushes do GREAT job for Camo patterns!

ICE runes because I am An Ice Person
I would like to remind you that the TvTropes give away more info and traits for my character! I can't link all of the in the description! If you don't know or have memorized them (like me 4 months later) , you will have to search for the in the TvTropes searchbar!

Made with GIMP
Leo, Art © *Leonidash15:iconleonidash15:

With Leo the original 5 Members of team are done! 6 more to go!
Drawing a character who represents me half naked, feels... weird! :icononionyaranaikaplz:
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Raijin-Jamsheed Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Student Artist
Nice swimsuit, he looks pretty good, quite of a sexy chubby boy =P
Leonidash15 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tehehehe, thanks! I'm pretty confident for my Chubbiness myself :iconhurrplz:
D5697 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm digging this new reff dude.
That armor looks AMAAAZZZIIINN'~
Leonidash15 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well it's not the best Armor(s) but they will do for now xD
D5697 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Still though dude, you have awesome armor designssssss~
Mythical-Human Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe, finally saw your reference XD
wasn't aware of those armors (rarely seen you in armor XD)
Leonidash15 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, I had been avoiding to draw my Persona in Armor for a while now :P
Now with the characters update, I decided to redesign the armor to look good and more heroic =P
Mythical-Human Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
looks good ;D
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