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Character Bio - Oclaf by Leonidash15 Character Bio - Oclaf by Leonidash15
:note: If you wish to know Oclaf's relationship with the other party members! Please check the Characters Relationship chart

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Oclaf: You are here :note:
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Yes I did it, Third and Lucky one reference sheet with Oclaf! I drew him better compared to the other two ( [link] , [link] ) thanks to the Art Evolution! :squee:
Oclaf is a character who had been serving me since 2010.

He really changed since 2010, Since my art style has Evolved a lot! I also think he is the one of the most developed characters so far!
The comic series Feather Magic which I made, 2 years ago, to Introduce him helped a lot to explain how his fighting works!

But since the artwork in those comic is crap and outdated (from mouse to Tablet in 1 year), I suggest skipping the most pages and read only Part 13 and Part 14 in which I explain how he accidentally got his Powers!

He also got weight since then... HE LIKES FOOD!
Oclaf portraits the small character who has a very little confidence for him self based on appearance, trying to be social by being something he is not! Despite his anger he tries to stay cool!

Basically the Teenager angster, who tries to live his life to it's finest, leaving behind his Father's exceptions and pressure! While dealing with the social mockery about how different he is compared to the people in his age group!

Originally he was going to be a Minor party character who would work as a Minion!
Not only he is not minor character, but he gave me ideas for some off-RPG comic shorts
Meanwhile in the Interspecies family...
He actually HATE but in the very same time is very very AFRAID of his father in the same time since he want him to be something HE IS NOT!

Darius wants to keep his Reputation in the beast community by showing how strong warriors his sons are

With Sorcerer's ring Oclaf will have the change to prove that Physical Strength and appearance is not the only thing which matters! Of course it will take some time until he face his father!

:bulletblack: Oclaf is closer with his Mother, Aldrif a Sassy crow lady), and his brother Julius, (A Bookworm Albino crow avian)

:bulletblack: Not so much with his Manticore twin brothers, Kepheus and Moldof, since they have been bullying him a lot!

:bulletred: He got his Father's leather demonic Wings, Yellow Eyes, and some of his cocky rebellious personality and "Sexiness...?"
:bulletred: He got his Mother's Black Feathers, Avian characteristics and traits
:bulletred: and he got his Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand father Midget-ness...

Genetics are a Bitch

(:NOTE: Don't bother bugging me on how scientific impossible is for an Avian to mate with a Mammal Mythical Beast,
It's Furry-Mythology-Cartoon Logic, i don't have to explain shit :iconbiggrinplz:
Because fuck science! :icondontunderstandplz: I have Artistic License based to TvTropes

Besides Oclaf's family Theme is a mix between Roman, Greek and Viking Mythologic (cue to the NAMES!) with Anthro Creatures!

Main RPG Outfit: I scrapped the old design in which he looked like an ancient roman with Skirt!
Instead I gave him a Arabian Vest, some Shorts and a yellow scarf, wrapped around his waist!)

High Tier Clothes (Clothes since Mages DON'T wear Armors or Plates) I really wanted something simply and not too heavy for him (remember if he wear too heavy clothes, he will have trouble flying)! Inspired a little from Final Fantasy Black Mages clothing code!

Casual/Non-RPG clothing: scrapped the old style as well! Gave him black Vest (Vest fits him VERY good) Grey Shorts (He likes Shorts after all) and a grey Golf Club (I think this is how it called) with a PacMan pin on it!
Kind of Casual-Hipster theme here

Swimsuit Time to take it off! Bucket Hat, Orange sunglasses, black Swim Trunks Shorts and some beach sandals!

He is NOT allowed to wear and use Sorcerer's Ring outside the battle and in Casual comic world!

Originally I was going to make Oclaf a Gargoyle, but I scrapped the Idea since Gargoyles have the disadvantage of turning into stone during night... not helpful all!
Chimera It Is then!
Also he was and is my first Anthromorphic character!
Why Avian? Because I like Burds! (who for some reason are really unpopular in Furry Fandom... but this WON'T stop having an Avian character)
You know with Oclaf I started to appreciate avian more than I used to!

Also I adore Elemental Spell-casters and Powers! and I apply some elements from my favorite JRPG series to my characters!
and as you can see Oclaf is the Fragile Black Mage you would meet in one!

Since when mages fly? Well I know a certain Broken character who CAN from out of nowhere... :shrug:

Besides If I make the videogame I want, I will be limited on flying on the AoV of the Screen!

but again! HE IS FRAGILE in COMBAT! :shakefist:

I need to increase the Width of the Character Bio template to fit his wings and Info (and TvTropes, search those for more info folks)
He won't be the only one with Increased sheet though some other characters need space too!
Besides there would be SOOO much wasted Free Space if I didn't edit the costume sp--- :iconbrickd-plz:

Hooray for instant Runes cycles! This is FIRE as you can tell well from the Fireball he is charging!

The only complain I have with Oclaf is his WINGS! I am already not in the mood to draw them... I suck at leather wings!
and if you are going to ask, YES he is FULLY Anthropomorphic... >_>

Note: He is TAILLESS! No Tail or Butt Feathers, this is cue to the Inexplicably Tailless Trope
He get many titles and Embarrassing nicknames from other characters.
:bulletblack: Borg & Ralph call him (Mr.) Birdie
:bulletblack: Dug's father, Mr.Marik'ui, call him Tengu (Japanese Avian Fiend)
:bulletblack: Gustav call him Birdface or Birdbrain
:bulletblack: Melissa call him Featherfag
Sorry for the wall of text, I needed to add some descriptions about his unique weapon as well!
I Hope you like him! I certainly do! I love my characters with their flaws! Especially when they are so fluffy! :V
Made with GIMP
Oclaf, Art © *Leonidash15:iconleonidash15:

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Raijin-Jamsheed Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Student Artist
Nice chubby gargoyle-avian :meow: looks cute
the last frame looks quite suggestive
Leonidash15 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He is not exactly "Gargoyle", but his appearance just make him look so!
That's him, being suggestive and such! :iconimhappyplz:
NyQuilDreamer Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
Love the design of the character and the style of the art! Great job!
Leonidash15 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :)
CatchShiro Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oclaf! Now that I read your bio, you are more sophisticated than you give yourself credit for!

That is a lot of info for a little guy ya know? I mean... Usually the book of achievements measures to the height of the achiever... But by looking at ya, I think I might be a bit doubtful...! Heh!

Well, as always, quite informative, and loving how he dons his costumes! And I can tell than when he wears his swimsuit costume, he utters "I'm sexy and I know it" every given chance he gets under his breath...!

Then proceed to wiggle, and hope no one is watching when said dance is happening...! Awesome Bio!
Leonidash15 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Usually the small characters you except to be uninteresting minor characters, have the less back-story!
For Oclaf I wanted to break that Cliché and give him a proper back story like the others! (Which Involve family problems) and a like-able teenager-like personality!
I didn't want him to be the generic 2 Dimensional Annoying Team Pet as we see in videogames!

and yes when his Self-Esteem is not wrecked by others he see himself as he wanted to be! Sexy =P
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